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A unique island at a close distance of Athens 

Take a boat and one hour later you can discover the first city-state of Greece that minted coins, 

the first capital of the contemporary Greece ... and a delicious island for your holidays.

With its 80 km of circumference and its 15.000 inhabitants, Aegina is an island that  can be visited all year round.

Enjoy the light dear to the poets and writers Seferis and Kazantzakis, the painter Moralis, or the sculptor Kapralos. 

Discover its beaches, its coves, its walk paths, its millenary olives groove, its temples, monasteries and churches

... but also a plenty of delightful taverns !

The many activities you will find on Aegina and nearby make it a perfect destination for your stay. 

Plage de Kolona
Plage de Kolona

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Port d'Egine
Port d'Egine

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Plage de Kolona
Plage de Kolona

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La Conciergerie d'Egine is a company that offers services to vacationers  to rent a charming  home on the island of Aegina and have tailor-maid services.

La Conciergerie d'Egine also provides services to homeowners who want to rent their place and have a professionnal  upscale services.


Villa Rose

At 4 km from the port of Aegina, this architect designed villa has a splendid view of the Saronic Gulf and many outdoor areas to enjoy the sun at any time of the day.

Villa Aiginitissa

At 9 km from Aegina, a beautiful villa by the sea, overlooking the bay of Aiginitissa and its eucalyptus. Enjoy the lovely terraces and the BBQ to live the greek way of life.



From the airport 

Go to the port of Piraeus

By taxi (around 55 €, 45mn)

By bus X96 , get out to the bus stop NAT (6 €/personne, 1h20)

By metro , get out to the station Piraeus (8 €/personne, 1h20).

At the port of Piraeus

Go to  the gate 8 and choose or :

A ferry boat (1h15 - 9 €/ personne, you can go in with a vehicle)   

A  Flying Dolphin (45mn/ 14 €/ personne, no vehicle).

More informations on : 

Once you are in the boat, your holiday begins... relax we are waiting for you at the exit of the boat ! 

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